The Treasure Valley’s Boise River Basin covers an area spanning about 350,000-acres from Boise to Parma. Within this area is a well-managed irrigation delivery system containing about 1,500 miles of canals and laterals. Within this system irrigation delivery entities provide the necessary irrigation water to farms, ranches, sub-divisions, municipalities, parks, golf courses and other sources.

Treasure Valley irrigation delivery entities and our water user community face many common challenges with respect to their Boise River Basin water rights, water supplies and the changing land uses and demographics of the Treasure Valley. As a result, the Treasure Valley Water Users Association has been developed to address the need for coordinated collaboration among Treasure Valley water delivery entities for the mutual benefit of their respective water users.

Treasure Valley Irrigators say "Please Don't Dump Trash into Canals"

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Operations and Maintenance of Canals and Ditches

We are working to educate the public about the Operations and Maintenance of Canals and Ditches in the Treasure Valley.  Watch our short educational videos featuring Mark Zirschky of the Pioneer Irrigation District and Mack Myers of the Settlers Irrigation District to learn more.


Activities that are being actively undertaken by the Association include: sharing information and providing educational opportunities to association members; public awareness and outreach to Treasure Valley residents, communities, governmental entities, businesses and others; and advocacy regarding issues of common concern.

Several of the Treasure Valley’s irrigation delivery entities, as well as agricultural associations, area businesses, individual farming and ranching operations and other Treasure Valley water users have joined the Association. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Association please click on the Members tab above.



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