By nature the Treasure Valley is a desert. Fortunately we have a critical resource that allows crops to be produced, livestock to be raised, residential lawns, gardens and landscaping to flourish, and your favorite park, beltway or golf course to be green. That resource is irrigation water from the Boise River. Learn more about the Boise River Basin 63 Irrigation Storage and Delivery System in these short videos.

Storing Water in the Boise River Basin

Rex Barrie, Boise River Watermaster, discusses the Treasure Valley’s Boise River Basin water system, the importance of snow pack acting as our 4th reservoir, and how this incredible water delivery system keeps the valley green and growing.

2022 Outlook with Mike Meyers, Basin 63

Our 2022 irrigation season has seen many changes from low snowpack and drought to rains and flooding. This video was shot last month with Water District 63 Watermaster, Mike Meyers. What a difference a month has made!

In the second video, Mike discusses, in the "Water World", what does the Day of Allocation mean, and why should you care?

Greg Curtis on Urban Canals

Greg Curtis of the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District talks about our water system in the Treasure Valley, and the continued growth of urban water users.

2021 Water Season and Treasure Valley Drought

The decision of when our irrigation and canal companies start the irrigation season in the Treasure Valley is based on many factors. Greg Curtis of the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District discusses the multiple aspects of making the decision of when to start water flowing.

In August of 2021, many people were asking about the drought situation we were in and what that means for our current and future water situation. This video should help with some of the questions many were asking on these topics.

Nampa Fire Department Rescue Training

In 2020, the Nampa Fire Department partnered with Pioneer Irrigation District to conduct canal rescue exercises. Thanks for working to keep us safe!

Canal Trespassing

An canal road is not an open invitation for it to be used as public property. It is not public land. It belongs to someone. You are on their property without permission. You are trespassing, and it’s against the law. In rural Idaho we do our best to respect the private property rights of others. Be a good neighbor, be safe, and don’t trespass.

Once A Desert...

Allen Funkhouser of the Middleton Mill Irrigation Company tells us about the Treasure Valley’s Boise River Basin irrigation delivery system. Hard to believe that much of what we enjoy today was desert less than 150 years ago.

Water Release for Flood Control

Bob Carter of the Boise Project Board of Control helps us understand the importance of flood control in the Treasure Valley, and how we use this great natural resource through the summer.

Boise River Watermaster Rex Barrie talks about the importance of water release this time of year for flood control in the Treasure Valley.

Operations and Maintenance of Canals and Ditches

We are working to educate the public about the Operations and Maintenance of Canals and Ditches in the Treasure Valley.  Watch our short educational videos featuring Mark Zirschky of the Pioneer Irrigation District and Mack Myers of the Settlers Irrigation District to learn more.